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Sunday 3/2 Edition - Anyway You Tie It, Bow Ties Are Back!

Anyway You Tie It, Bow Ties Are Back!

The resurgence became apparent last year with the release of The Great Gatsby and has continued to grow.  Once a symbol of a college math professor, has now become the beacon of confident, style with an edge.  Just google Hollywood and bow tie, and you will see pages of your favorite stars donning this chic fashion staple.  Even women are rocking fashionable bow ties.  Here are a few tips for wearing a bow tie with some of our best selling bows to ensure you look your best sporting this modern neck decor.

Material is key. This ain’t your dads bow tie.  Textured fabrics, flannels, wools and straight cotton make bows stick out.  Check out Skinny Tie Madness, Riot Bow Ties and TheKnott below for some material savvy bows.

For that red carpet tux – stick to simple with a statement.  Ninh Collection bows below do a great job with simple design that is bold in presentation.


Looking for a more casual bow?  No problem, ditch the blazer and dress down. Throw on a leather jacket or just roll back those sleeves. And don’t be afraid to make a statement with it. Esposito and Riot Bow ties below are great for that statement bow for a sure conversation starter.







Want to tone it down a little? Mute your bow tie by pairing it with a similar shirt. Black and white shirt with a black and white bow tie creates an easy transition between outfit and bow tie.  Ninh collection and Artfully Disheveled offer some great options below.



Pre-tied and cooler clip-ons are fine, but if you tie your own bow, off is on.  Tilted, slightly floppy, you are all good.  A bow tie works when it looks natural.

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