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Happy Spring! How To Suit Up For Spring - Thursday 3/20 Edition

Today marks the start of Spring and the end of wool suits.  Spring is the season of color and light fabrics, but good style is in the details. The trick is to seamlessly integrate formal and casual and make it look natural.
The best way to usher in Spring with your wardrobe is to add color.  Socks, cufflinks and pocket squares are best with a punch of color from a tie or bow.  We even like the idea of a lapel flower pin to really make your point. Check out some tips below and shop them by clicking on the image.  Enter mcqueenvip at checkout for 15% off!

When it comes to shirts, keep it simple with a solid white or blue to go with a solid tie. A light cotton or linen or a blend is best for the Spring.  And be sure to wear an undershirt to protect against sweat. Especially if it is a light blue shirt.

DSC_0102 rev

Adding color to the tie will get you the most attention but stick to solids as patterns are meant for the winter. You can also ditch the tie for a colorful pocket square and an open collar for a more casual elegance.


Pocket Square
Pocket squares are our favorite addition to any look. And you can really have fun with them. Fold it anyway you please and go wild with colors. We even love the bandana look for further personality, as seen below. Rock it with or without a tie, stick it in a blazer pocket with jeans, or more formal for the office.

MultiPS (2) BlueContrast (2)

Spring is the time for understated watches with softer bands. Leather and fabric straps are in with a larger face. But keep the face white or black so as not to distract from the overall picture.

NottinghamMain ArcherMain

A simple flat belt is great for the spring. Sticking to brown or black is best and stay away from braided belts (although some may disagree). We like the wider belts but keep it thin if you are a smaller gentleman.

 ExecBeltBrown ExecDRing

Colorful socks is the best way to introduce color and more importantly, your personality. Take a seat and expose your colors to the world. Try and keep it in the same ballpark as your pocket square and/or tie colors but don’t be afraid to clash a little for a real eye catcher.

JailBirdMain buckinghamMain

Nice shoes are the mark of a true gentleman. For spring time, we suggest a muted brown or grey suede. Leather works well too. Derbies and wingtips are best, but a loafer done right can really set the tone. If you insist on a little color in your footwear, try swapping out for colorful laces. But please don’t do the sneaker with suit thing. Many disagree with this, but personally, I cringe at the sight of it.

232728 - Ox - Mushroom-1 26-2719 Coffee-1
seychelles2 YelloFloPin (1)

GentsBLuxeWoolSide BillfoldTan

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