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Ranked: Thursday 3/31 Edition - The 15 Most Stylish Guys Right Now

Ranked: The 15 Most Stylish Guys Right Now
A comprehensive list, no. But these dudes nail the basics of tailoring and grooming, and are a good go-to for looks, at the moment. Check it: 
15. Michael B. Jordan
15. Michael B. Jordan
Getty/Christopher Polk and Getty/Charley Gallay
Michael B. Jordan has been killing the game in his recent red-carpet appearances and promotions for his 2015 movie “Creed.”
He’s since taken an interest in men’s style, and we have to say that he’s a natural — enough to earn the last spot on our list.
14. Cam Newton
14. Cam Newton
AP/Bob Leverone
It’s no surprise that the most stylish man in the NFL would make a list like this. We respect Newton’s irreverent take on press-room dress, which includes a lot of bare ankle and loud patterns.
For that reason, he’s dabbed his way onto our list.
13. Ryan Gosling
13. Ryan Gosling
Getty/Vittorio Zunino Celotto and Getty/Gareth Cattermole
Gosling already? Yes, the dreamiest man in show business is good enough to only take No. 13 on our list.
But that doesn’t mean that “The Big Short” actor is any slouch. We respect his penchant to switch it up, wearing shawl collars with no tie and a top that can be referred to only as a “pajama shirt.”
12. Kit Harington
12. Kit Harington
Getty/Tim P. Whitby and Getty/Tristan Fewings
We could talk about the way Kit Harington wears Chelsea boots like they’re going out of style, and how great he looks in a suit, but let’s be honest.
That’s not why he’s our 12th most stylish guy. It’s actually mostly the hair.
11. Lucky Blue Smith
11. Lucky Blue Smith
Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer and Getty/Anthony Harvey
Lucky Blue Smith is something of a phenom. The 17-year-old model blew up last year on the fashion circuit, nabbing ad campaigns with everyone from Tom Ford and Versace to H&M and Gap.
He’s certainly learned a thing or two in his short time in the limelight, and his bleach-blonde hair lands him in our 11th spot on this list.
10. LeBron James
10. LeBron James
Getty/Chris Trotman and Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris
NBA players are, by and large, pretty darn stylish. So how can one stand out in the crowd?
Well, one way is to be LeBron James. He’s no stranger to experimentation, and we especially commend him for his ability to dress for his 6 feet 8 inch frame. Not an easy feat, but then again, neither is being named NBA MVP four separate times.
James dunks into our 10th spot.
9. Rami Malek
9. Rami Malek
Getty/Kevork Djansezian and Getty/Pascal Le Segretain
You probably don’t know Rami Malek by name, but you’ve seen him around.
The “Mr. Robot” actor has made a major splash with his exquisite taste in formal wear. We even called the 34-year-old the best-dressed guy at the Golden Globes.
That’s good enough for the ninth spot on our list.
8. David Beckham
8. David Beckham
Getty/Chris Jackson and Getty/Eduardo Parra
David Beckham is recognized worldwide not only as a soccer legend, but also as a fashion icon.
It’s easy to see why: Everything Beckham wears just looks like it was made precisely for his body. He has appeared on numerous magazine covers and fashion advertisements, and has recently collaborated with H&M on a line of basics.
It seems like his son, Brooklyn, is following in his father’s footsteps, as he was just named one of the 50 best-dressed men in the world by GQ UK.
7. Jeff Goldblum
7. Jeff Goldblum
Getty/Pascal Le Segretain and Getty/Jason Kempin
Jeff Goldblum has aged like a fine wine, and it’s precisely because he leans into his 63 years rather than fight against them.
Thick clear frames, skinny ties, and perfectly tailored suits all lend the slender actor a youthful appearance, but it’s not so overboard that he looks like he’s pretending to be someone he’s not.
We respect this approach, and peg Goldblum as our seventh-most stylish man.
6. Nick Wooster
6. Nick Wooster
Getty/Cindy Ord
Nick Wooster isn’t a household name, but the street-style icon has been making waves in certain circles for years.
The gray-haired, tattooed, Crocs wearer breaks almost all the rules, yet somehow always ends up looking great. We especially appreciate his mixing of traditional preppy styles with his heavily tattooed arms and waxed handlebar mustache.
He’s worked with brands from Neiman Marcus to Polo Ralph Lauren, and his influence is just enough to make our sixth spot.
5. Kanye West
5. Kanye West
Getty/Jonathan Daniel and Getty/Tim P. Whitby
There are few people who can claim such influence in so many areas as Kanye West.
His recent forays into fashion aside, the man knows what looks good on him. The carelessness with which his clothes are worn belie the painstaking method of putting them together.
GQ readers voted him the most stylish man of 2015, but we’re putting him in our fifth spot.
4. Daniel Craig
4. Daniel Craig
Before Daniel Craig became James Bond, he wore frumpy dad jeans and oversized shirts.
Since then, he has become a sartorial expert, bringing a little bit of his Bond persona offscreen with him. And we have to say that it’s a good look for Craig.
Good enough for the fourth spot on our list.
3. Tom Ford
3. Tom Ford
Getty/Ian Gavan and Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris
Tom Ford is a name synonymous with men’s style.
The designer is known for his obsessive attention to detail, and it shows through on everything he wears, from his signature sunglasses to the detailing of his tuxedos.
That’s good enough for No. 3 on our list.
2. Harry Styles
2. Harry Styles
Getty/Jason Merritt and Getty/Stephen Lovekin
There’s one word you can apply to all of Harry Styles’ outfits: confidence.
Though he usually looks like a Saint Laurent model, he wears those printed varsity jackets and black Chelsea boots better than anyone on or off the runway.
And for that reason, Styles clocks in at No. 2 on our list.
1. Eddie Redmayne
1. Eddie Redmayne
Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer and Getty/Ethan Miller
There isn’t a man living or dead who wears a suit better than Eddie Redmayne.
The 34-year-old former model frequently wears tuxedos and suits with a fit so on point that you would think that they were not only made for him, but are actually something more like a second skin.
via BI


3/30 Edition - Wednesday Wear: The 5 Most Stylish Films of All Time

The 5 Most Stylish Films of All Time
To call menswear designer Alexander Olch a film buff would be a gross understatement. Olch, perhaps best known for his neckties, once told GQ that he doesn’t own a television. “I watch everything via projector,” he said.
In fact, he’s so dedicated to watching things on a big screen that he just opened up his own small movie theater in New York City called The Metrograph, where he’ll screen a curated roster of prestigious films like Vertigo, Enter the Dragon, and the 2015 Japanese musical Office 3D. (It also has a restaurant, two bars, a candy shop, and a bookstore.)
To celebrate the opening of the Metrograph, which you can visit starting this weekend, we asked Olch to curate his own list of very stylish movies. Here are the ones that made his list.
(courtesy of the Everett Collection
The 39 Steps
“I’ve watched this movie more than any other, my favorite on so many levels,” Olch says. “It would be such a great world if all men dressed as well as Robert Donat, had to be handcuffed to Madeleine Carroll, and were on the run from mysterious secret agents. For my money, Donat is the perfect chic hero — down to every detail — the tie, shirt, and the greatest high turned trench coat collar in all film history.”
(courtesy of Warner Bros.)
Frantic (playing at Metrograph in April)
“Every time I fly, I hope that I get my suitcase mixed up with Emmanuelle Seigner. Seeing her chewing gum charm, leather jacket, short skirt — set to Grace Jones’ ultimate song ‘Strange’ — will always define my idea of the ideal stylish woman.”
(courtesy of the Ronald Grant archive)
F for Fake
“The strange world of Ibiza art forgery, spun by Orson Welles into his most graceful, unbelievable, and chic film. An essay on the fine art of being conned in grand style. My favorite film editing, and also favorite images of the beautiful Oja Kodar.”
Zentropa (or Europa)
“This film has the coolest opening: Max Von Sydow hypnotizes you into the amazing black and white world of the last luxury train car running through post war Berlin. Lars Von Trier’s dark homage to the Third Man, his most daringly stylish achievement before he turned to the hand held world of Dogme 95.”
Bastards (playing at Metrograph in April)
“This dark picture of revenge, power, and sex in a Parisian world of mystery haunts me to this day, and that’s because of its underlying, poignant style. Everything is so cool, so chic, and so wrong at the same time — it’s a such a sinister and magnificent film.”
via HuffPo | Lead image: courtesy of Warner Bros.


Saturday 3/26 Edition

“You have to die a few times before you can really live.”
Charles Bukowski.


Friday 3/25 - Cool Design: Barn Conversion Goes From Ancient To Eco-Concious Modern Rustic Home

barnconversion anciemt

liddicoat & goldhill has recently completed the renovation of an 18th century threshing barn into a transformed living space. the clients, a fashion designer and digital designer, are avid collectors of reclaimed architectural artifacts, allowing the architects the opportunity to approach the design from a new angle, creating a structure that is equal parts home and gallery. though the barn was in a state of almost complete collapse, many of its elements were kept intact or refurbished to be implemented into the fabric of the new space.

image © will scott

typically an enclosed structure with few openings, the renovation used the aid of contemporary mechanisms to open the interior spaces and provide calculated views of the landscape while bringing in plenty of natural light to the interior. the original barn doors were replaced by two massive rotating windows that allow the interior to extend outside, covered and shaded by a custom awning bifold door that completely conceals the fenestration. the interior retains much of the character of the barn, re-using exposing the existing steel structure and original timber beams that were refurbished. a skylight stretching the entire length of the roof ensures constant natural light int he open living areas.

image © will scott

the mezzanine, the only element added to the plan that wasn’t an original part of the typology, provides a more private area for sleeping and bathing. the pre-existing brick fireplace serves as a spatial anchor point in the plan helping to subtly subdivide spaces and serves as a framework for a custom steel staircase that winds up onto the mezzanine level. reclaimed lights were re-fitted to work with energy-efficient LED light bulbs while a ground-source heat pump helps to warm the house. the richness of the home lies in the character of its parts, which were utilized in a way that maximizes their aesthetic and functional properties. each piece contains within it the story of its past, which is recounted within the updated space.

the main entrance opens into the center of the barn, diving the dining and living areas
image © will scott

large openings offer new views and sources of natural light
image © will scott

kitchen and dining area are relegated to one end of the open floor plan
image © keith collie

mezzanine covers a portion of the barn providing a more private space above
image © keith collie

new wood slabs play off the refurbished original green oak framing
image © keith collie

image © keith collie

central fireplace helps heat the space, also serving as the structure supporting a custom steel staircase
image © keith collie

image © keith collie

mezzanine area above
image © keith collie

image © keith collie

image © keith collie

guest shed
image © keith collie

image © will scott

the barn sits in a lush green landscape
image © will scott

previous condition of the existing barn
via Design Boom


Wear It Like: Sebastian Stan - Thursday 3/24 Edition

1. Lanvin Double Breasted Cardigan @ Mr Porter
2. Acne Max Man Ray Jeans @ Matches
3. Kingsman Lock & Co. Checkered Flat Cap @ Mr Porter
4. Canada Goose Quilted Shell Down Jacket @ Mr Porter
Sounds: Wicked Game (James Carter & Levi Re) by Tula @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Sebastian Stan - Wednesday 3/23 Edition

1. Acne Cash Jeans @ Matches
2. Balenciaga Peacoat @ Mr Porter
3. Alexander McQueen Scarf @ Mr Porter
4. Rick Owens ROund Toe Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Enter Sandman by Metallica @ Amazon