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Flash Friday - 2/27 Edition

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Wear It Like: Liam Neeson - Thursday 2/27 Edition

1. Pierre Single Breasted Navy Blazer @ Reiss
2. Ayden Selvedge Denim Jean @ Lumina
3. Sebastian Cruz Yellow Flower Lapel Pin @ InforMANt
4. Blake Green Seychelles Cufflinks @ InforMANt
5. ALL BLACK by ACL Coffee Cap Toe Shoe @ InforMANt
6. Hackett Slim-Fit Cotton-Poplin Shirt @ Mr Porter
Sounds: Hope by Abi Wade @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Liam Neeson - Wednesday 2/26 Edition

1. Todd Snyder Unstructured Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. Esposito Chambray Button Down @ InforMANt
3. Gents B Luxe Acrylic Wool Cap @ InforMANt
4. Ayden Selvedge Denim Jean @ Lumina
5. TOKYObay Specs Wristwatch @ InforMANt
6. Mykita Jim Stainless Steel Sunglasses @ Matches
7. The People's Movement Le Fronck Brown Leather Oxford @ InforMANt
Sounds: Do It Again by Steely Dan @ Amazon
Do It Again


Wear It Like: Liam Neeson - Tuesday 2/25 Edition

1. Givenchy Slim-Fit Wool-Blend Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. TOKYObay Jazz Wristwatch @ InforMANt
3. Rake Straight Leg Jeans @ Matches
4. Ozone Jail Bird Sock @ InforMANt
5. ALL BLack by ACL Mushroom Ox Shoe @ InforMANt
6. Gents Crew Neck T-Shirt @ InforMANt
Sounds: Ambition by Wale @ Amazon
Ambition (Feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross) [Explicit]


Wear It Like: Liam Neeson - Monday 2/24 Edition

1. Paul Smith Unstructured Slub Silk Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. Esposito Seamed Button Down @ InforMANt
3. Chadbourn Chino Smoked Twill Trousers @ Lumina
4. Montblanc Platinum Plated Ball Point Pen @ Mr Porter
5. All Black by ACL Mushroom Ox Shoe @ InforMANt
6. Sebastian Cruz Multi Color Contrast Pocket Square @ InforMANt
7. Ozone Skull & Stiletto Sock @ InforMANt
Sounds: Lady by Chromatics @ Amazon


Sunday 2/23 Edition

“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” 
Stanley Kubrick. 
“However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”  - Stanley Kubrick. 


Saturday 2/22 Edition - Real World Superbike Created by ‘Tron’ Designer for Lotus

Real World Superbike Created by ‘Tron’ Designer for Lotus

Lotus has a new superbike called the C-01. Designed by Daniel Simon, whose work you’ll know from Tron: Legacy, Oblivion, and Captain America, the bike balances the Lotus form of old with a decidedly modern finish.

Although Simon is more known for his concept work, and the C-01 certainly looks like a designer’s wild fantasy, the bike will actually go on sale: the British company plans to produce 100 in partnership with German manufacturer Kodewa. Previously, the two companies worked together on a number of auto racing projects.

“The design process of the C-01 was a labour of love,” says Simon, “we have worked hard to create a motorcycle with very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical partline solutions and clean graphics.” Available in three liveries, including classic British racing green and the Martini colors, the 400-pound bike will pack a 200hp four-stroke engine. There’s no price just yet, but expect the C-01 to be eye-wateringly expensive.


Wear It Like: Carmelo Anthony - Friday 2/21 Edition

1. Sailormade Standard Belt @ InforMANt
2. Bottega Veneta Dog Leash @ Barneys
3. Duke Classic Fit Two Piece Suit @ Reiss
4. Lanvin Roll Neck Sweater @ farfetch
5. Huxley Revolver Black Glasses @ Warby Parker
6. Question Lace-Up Ankle Boots @ farfetch
7. Dents Leather Driving Gloves @ Mr Porter
8. TOKYObay Jazz Wristwatch @ InforMANt
Sounds: Make It Rain by Michael Burks @ Amazon
Make It Rain


Thursday Deals - 2/20 Edition: TOKYObay Watches 10% off

Designed in San Francisco and crafted for stylish gentleman, TOKYObay watches are classic, casual and available at InforMANtDaily.com for a great price! Wear It Like McQueen readers, enter tokyobayrocks for an additional 10% off!

Wear It Like: Carmelo Anthony - Thursday 2/20 Edition

1. Sting Like a Bee Tee @ Cafe Press
2. Fyasko Ransberg Woven Shirt @ InforMANt
3. TOKYObay Mason Wristwatch @ InforMANt
4. Jimmy Choo Leather Studded Slip On @ SSENSE
Sounds: Soul Sacrifice by Santana @ Amazon
Soul Sacrifice


Wear It Like: Carmelo Anthony - Wednesday 2/19 Edition

1. Esposito Blue Chambray Shirt @ InforMANt
2. Burberry Prorsum Striped Woven Silk Tie @ Mr Porter
3. Fendi Birdseye Weave Chino Trousers @ Matches
4. Burberry Brit Kensington Short Coat @ farfetch
5. Chamberlain Saddle Sage Glasses @ Warby Parker
6. TOKYObay Specs Wristwatch @ InforMANt
7. Civic Duty Elevation Shoe @ InforMANt
Sounds: Sky's The Limit (ft 112) by The Notorious B.I.G. @ Amazon
Sky's The Limit (Featuring 112)


Wear It Like: Carmelo Anthony - Tuesday 2/18 Edition

1. Fairline Two Button Blazer @ Reiss
2. Fairline Formal Trousers @ Reiss
3.  Gents V-Neck T-Shirt @ InforMANt
4. Hydrogen Lithium Chelsea Boot @ InforMANt
5. Sailormade Standard Belt @ InforMANt
6.  Perry Gargano Mantacle Cuff @ InforMANt
7. Karma Mantra Skull Bracelet @ InforMANt
Sounds: Tell Me by Clear View @ Amazon
Tell Me


Wear It Like: Carmelo Anthony - Monday 2/17 Edition

1. Gucci Slim Leg Chinos @ Matches
2. Fyaski Rooster T Hoodie @ InforMANt
3. Braun Orange Sportrange Watch @ InforMANt
4. Valentine Goods Crocodile iPhone Cover @ InforMANt
5.  Gents V-Neck T-Shirt @ InforMANt
6. Sailormade Catch Single Bracelet @ InforMANt
7. Iconic Black Chain Bracelet @ ASOS
8. Mykita Truman Matte Stainless Steel Sunglasses @ Mr. Porter
9. Civic Duty Sensation Sneakers @ InforMANt
10. Karma Mantra Onyx Mala Necklace @ InforMANt
Sounds: Drunk In Love by Beyonce ft Jay-Z @ Amazon
Drunk in Love (Explicit Version) [Explicit]

Sunday 2/16



Wheels: Saturday 2/15 Edition - Mercedes-Benz 3-Door G500 Widestar by Brabus

Mercedes-Benz 3-Door G500 Widestar by Brabus

Mercedes-Benz may have phased out the G-Class SWB back in 2011, but that hasn’t stopped Brabus from introducing a brand new upgrade kit for the defunct three-door SUV. Making use of the G500 BA3 Final Edition, the customized G-Class bears the Brabus Widestar body kit and sits on 22″ nine-spoke Monoblock E alloy wheels as beautiful red and black leather coats the interior. Given the “6.1″ designation, the vehicle likely boasts a healthy increase in power over the 388 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque of the original 5.5 liter V8.

Image of Mercedes-Benz G500 SWB 6.1 Widestar by Brabus
Image of Mercedes-Benz G500 SWB 6.1 Widestar by Brabus
Image of Mercedes-Benz G500 SWB 6.1 Widestar by Brabus


Wear It Like: Denzel Washington - Friday 2/14 Edition

1. Artfully Disheveled Academy Necktie @ InforMANt
2. Herno Classic Coat @ farfetch
3. Blake Green Seychelles Cufflinks @ InforMANt
4. Canali Contrast Collar Shirt @ Mr Porter
5. Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope @ InforMANt
Sounds: Thin Line by honeyhoney @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Denzel Washington - Thursday 2/13 Edition

1. J Brand Tyler Slim Leg Jeans @ Matches
2. Esposito Antique Black Zip Down @ InforMANt
3. Sailormade Standard Belt @ InforMANt
4. Sebastian Cruz Black Contrast Edge Pocket Square @ InforMANt
5. Beryllium Cap Toe Oxford @ InforMANt
6. Givenchy Wool Blend Blazer @ Mr Porter
Sounds: I Know by G-Spliff @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Denzel Washington - Wednesday 2/12 Edition

1. DSquared 2 Piece Suit @ farfetch
2. Artfully Disheveled Epsicle Pocket Square @ InforMANt
3. Artfully Disheveled Gandy Dancer @ InforMANt
4. Blake Green Madagascar Cufflinks @ InforMANt
5. Bottega Veneta Woven Streling Silver Tie Clip @ Mr Porter
6. Gallant & Beau Kings Rd Socks @ InforMANt
7. Titanium English Brogue Shoes @ InforMANt
Two Against One (ft Jack White) by Danger Mouse and Daniele Lupi @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Denzel Washington - Tuesday 2/11 Edition

1. Paul Smith Navy Blue Pinstripe Cotton Suit @ Mr Porter
2. Sebastian Cruz White and Blue Contrast Edge Pocket Square @ InforMANt
3. Sebastian Cruz Blue Flower Pin @ InforMANt
4. J.W. Andersen Stripe Print Flag Shirt @ Matches
5. Hydrogen Blue Wingtip Shoes @ InforMANt
Sounds: Don’t Look Back by Telepopmusik @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Denzel Washington - Monday 2/10 Edition

1. Lawrence Covell Check Button Down @ farfetch
2. Burberry Check Cashmere and Wool Blend Suit @ Mr Porter
3. ALL BLACK by ACL Mushroom Ox Shoe @ InforMANt
4. Blake Green Oslo Cufflinks @ InforMANt
5. Artfully Disheveled Six Shooter Necktie @ InforMANt
6. Artfully Disheveled Outlaw Pocket Square @ InforMANt
Sounds: Disaffected by Function @ Amazon


Sunday 2/9 Edition: Luxury Gear Guide

Döttling the Guardian 3

The Dottling Guardian is a watch safe that is so secure, a thief could take a sledgehammer to it without gaining access to the valuables inside.

Döttling the Guardian 2

This multi-walled safe shaped like a cylinder, as it has been described, features an outer shell covered in leather and a top-secret carbide component which boasts extremely high durability, close to that of a diamond. The mobile safe also includes “several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric”, a material used at the manufacture of bulletproof vests.

Döttling the Guardian 7

The innermost and outermost walls, on the other hand, have been crafted from polycarbonate, a material also used in anti-riot helmet visors and shields. The same aramid carbon-fiber fabric was also used for the door of the safe, which is accessible via a 3-digit code. The lock is, in turn, pretty complex, boasting a mechanism with high-gloss polished steel bars which slides out. There’s also a pretty decent amount of customizations available for the Guardian. For example, the glossy stainless steel handle brackets can be engraved, while the exterior of the safe can be picked by the customer from all sorts of fabrics and finishes.

Döttling the Guardian 1

 Measuring 14.5 inches long, the Guardian comes with a handle, shoulder strap and can even be placed inside suitcases. 

Döttling the Guardian 4


Hang Your Hat - Ultimate Mountain Lodge: Saturday 2/8 Edition

reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom

Located near the norwegian village of geilo, Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter has designed a family home which presents a contemporary interpretation of vernacular building techniques. The brief for ‘split view mountain lodge’ called for a four bedroom dwelling which offered distinct living and dining areas, in addition to a youth lounge and a mezzanine level for the younger children. The response is an elongated cabin clad in a continuous timber skin which envelopes the structure’s façades. The wood will fade to a grey patina over time, allowing the building to blend naturally within its setting.

reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom

Internally, the varied use of internal levels allows the building to adapt to the plot’s gradient, while a separate annex forms an extension of the main lodge. One accesses the cabin beneath the cantilevered glazed volumes, entering a hall with polished in-situ concrete floors. A wooden staircase ascends to the generously proportioned living quarters. The kitchen forms the centerpiece of the home, where a countertop of glass fiber reinforced concrete is cantilevered into the center of the space. Further steps then lead to elevated living and dining areas, which provide occupants with a suitable degree of privacy. The extruded structure composes sweeping views, while carefully positioned smaller apertures provide glimpses of the immediate surroundings.

reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboomThe large areas of glazing offer expansive views across the norwegian landscape

The property’s master bedroom opens out onto a gable-shaped window that articulates extensive views of the sky, while at the far end of the hall, the youth lounge features an overhead mezzanine presents vistas of the adjacent ski slope. interior floors and ceilings are lined with knot-free joinery timber, complimented with discrete and concealed openings.

reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom

reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom
 The elevated dining area
reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom The main hall splits to form two distinct and clearly defined spaces
reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom A countertop of glass fiber reinforced concrete is cantilevered into the center of the kitchen
reiulf ramstad split view mountain lodge designboom The cabin’s timber skin will fade over time, allowing the structure to blend naturally within its mountainous setting

Photo by Soren Harder Nielsen | InformantDaily.com