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Wear It Like: Tinie Tempah - Tuesday 4/1 Edition

1. Burberry Prorsum Slim Fit Floral Print Shirt @ SSENSE
2. Saint Laurent Sequin Wool Blend Tuxedo Jacket @ Mr Porter
3. Gavio Foldable Stereo Headphones @ InforMANt
4. Huxley Revolver Glasses @ Warby Parker
5. Daniel Wellington Rose Gold York Wristwatch @ InforMANt
6. ACL Mushroom Ox Shoe @ InforMANt
7. Chadbourn Smoke Grey Chino @ Lumina
Sounds: Everything by Radio Citizen @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Tinie Tempah - Monday 3/31 Edition

1. Riva Two Piece Pick Stitch Suit @ Reiss
2. Mathieu Jerome Italian Style Collar Shirt @ Matches
3. Dior Homme Fine Woven Tie @ farfetch
4. Blake Green Nautilus Cufflinks @ InforMANt
5. Warby Parker Durand Glasses @ Warby Parker
6. Sebastian Cruz Red Flower Lapel Pin @ InforMANt
7. O'Keeffe Milo Leather Wingtip Brogues @ Mr Porter
8. Braun Presitge Stainless Steele Watch @ InforMANt
Sounds: Dissolved Girl by Massive Attack @ Amazon
Dissolved Girl


Wear It Like: Bruce Willis - Friday 3/28 Edition

1. Ann Demeulemeester Regular Fit Woven Cotton Suit @ Mr Porter
2. Sebastian Cruz Contrast Edge Pocket Square @ InforMANt
3. Truzzi Capri Cotton Shirt @ Matches
4. Blake Green Nautilus Cufflinks @ InforMANt
5. ACL Coffee Cap Toe Shoe @ InforMANt
Sounds: Caroline Drama by The Raconteurs @ Amazon


Throwback Thursday - Wear It Like Ryan Gosling - Thursday 3/27 Edition

1. Balmain Biker Jeans @ Matches
2. Perry Gargano Anatomical Heart Necklace @ InforMANt
3. Surface to Air Trooper Glasses @ SSENSE
4. Burberry Knitted Silk Cardigan @ Mr Porter
5. TOKYObay Draper Wristwatch @ InforMANt
6. Alexander McQueen Lace-Up Ankle Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Release by Pearl Jam @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Bruce Willis - Wednesday 3/26 Edition

1. Fairline Blazer @ Reiss
2. John Smedley Cotton V-Neck Sweater @ Mr Porter
3. Jil Sander Crop Trousers @ Matches
4. Avallone Black Leather Executive Belt @ InforMANt
5. Thom Browne Square Frame Sunglasses @ farfetch
6. TOKYObay Jazz Wristwatch @ InforMANt
7. Beryllium Toe Cap Oxford @ InforMANt
Sounds: Samba Pi Ti by Santana @ Amazon
Samba Pa Ti


Wear It Like: Bruce Willis - Tuesday 3/25 Edition

1. 1930's Menlo Levi's Vintage Leather Jacket @ Matches
2. J. Crew Cashmere Scarf @ Mr Porter
3. Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunglasses @ farfetch
4. Nudie Jeans Thinn Finn Organic Washed Denim Jeans @ Mr Porter
5. Civic Duty Exhilaration Jeans @ InforMANt
6. Gents V-Neck T-Shirt @ InforMANt
Sounds: Time to Kill by Gold & Youth @ Amazon
Time to Kill


Wear It Like: Bruce Willis - Monday 3/24 Edition

1. Genst Crewneck T-Shirt @ InforMANt
2. Gucci Lightweight Jacquard Scarf @ Mr Porter
3. Fyasko Defcon 2 Coated Military Jacket @ InforMANt
4. Ozone Skull & Stiletto Sock @ InforMANt
5. ACL Black Wingtip Shoe @ InforMANt
6. TOKYObay Agent Wristwatch @ InforMANt
7. Jacon Cohen Denim Jeans @ Matches
Sounds: It's Not Over by Panama @ Amazon
It's Not Over

Sunday 3/23 Edition

Photo by Annie Leibovitz Via


Saturday 3/22 Edition - Matching Suits With Shoes – A Visual Guide

Style aficionado and redditor stRafaello put together this handy graphic showing which types of shoes match with which suits. It even lets men know which colors match best for a traditional look, and which are fashion-forward.
Next time you're suiting up for a special event or considering buying a new pair of oxfords, we suggest you refer to this neat visual guide:


Wear It Like: Patrick J Adams - Friday 3/21 Edition

1. Want les Essentials Kastrup Backpack @ InforMANt
2. Todd Snyder Navy Shawl @ Mr Porter
3. TransElated One V-Neck @ InforMANt
4. Artfully Disheveled Outlaw Pocket Square @ InforMANt
5. People's Movement Marcos Drizzle Track Shoe @ InforMANt
6. Lumina Chadbourn Stone Chino @ Lumina
Sounds: Everything by Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz @ Amazon
Everything (Radio Edit)


Happy Spring! How To Suit Up For Spring - Thursday 3/20 Edition

Today marks the start of Spring and the end of wool suits.  Spring is the season of color and light fabrics, but good style is in the details. The trick is to seamlessly integrate formal and casual and make it look natural.
The best way to usher in Spring with your wardrobe is to add color.  Socks, cufflinks and pocket squares are best with a punch of color from a tie or bow.  We even like the idea of a lapel flower pin to really make your point. Check out some tips below and shop them by clicking on the image.  Enter mcqueenvip at checkout for 15% off!

When it comes to shirts, keep it simple with a solid white or blue to go with a solid tie. A light cotton or linen or a blend is best for the Spring.  And be sure to wear an undershirt to protect against sweat. Especially if it is a light blue shirt.

DSC_0102 rev

Adding color to the tie will get you the most attention but stick to solids as patterns are meant for the winter. You can also ditch the tie for a colorful pocket square and an open collar for a more casual elegance.


Pocket Square
Pocket squares are our favorite addition to any look. And you can really have fun with them. Fold it anyway you please and go wild with colors. We even love the bandana look for further personality, as seen below. Rock it with or without a tie, stick it in a blazer pocket with jeans, or more formal for the office.

MultiPS (2) BlueContrast (2)

Spring is the time for understated watches with softer bands. Leather and fabric straps are in with a larger face. But keep the face white or black so as not to distract from the overall picture.

NottinghamMain ArcherMain

A simple flat belt is great for the spring. Sticking to brown or black is best and stay away from braided belts (although some may disagree). We like the wider belts but keep it thin if you are a smaller gentleman.

 ExecBeltBrown ExecDRing

Colorful socks is the best way to introduce color and more importantly, your personality. Take a seat and expose your colors to the world. Try and keep it in the same ballpark as your pocket square and/or tie colors but don’t be afraid to clash a little for a real eye catcher.

JailBirdMain buckinghamMain

Nice shoes are the mark of a true gentleman. For spring time, we suggest a muted brown or grey suede. Leather works well too. Derbies and wingtips are best, but a loafer done right can really set the tone. If you insist on a little color in your footwear, try swapping out for colorful laces. But please don’t do the sneaker with suit thing. Many disagree with this, but personally, I cringe at the sight of it.

232728 - Ox - Mushroom-1 26-2719 Coffee-1
seychelles2 YelloFloPin (1)

GentsBLuxeWoolSide BillfoldTan


Wear It Like: Patrick J Adams - Wednesday 3/19 Edition

1. Duke Classic Navy Suit @ Reiss
2. Skinny Tie Madness Caressing in Capetown Necktie @ InforMANt
3. Triple C Bluetooth Boombox @ InforMANt
4. Ozone Jailbird Sock @ InforMANt
5. Converse by John Varvatos Chuck Taylor Shoes @ SSENSE
Sounds: What's In A Name bu Late Nigh Alumni @ Amazon
What's in a Name


Wear It Like: Patrick J Adams - Tuesday 3/18 Edition

1. Fyasko Bogart Fedora Hat @ InforMANt
2. Monolith 14K Two Tone 1/5ct Diamond Band @ InforMANt
3. People's Movement LeFronck Leather Oxford @ InforMANt
4. Lumina Ayden Selvedge Denim Jeans @ Lumina
5. Kem Ajachel Hand Woven Scarf @ InforMANt
6. Esposito Elvis Presley In Concert Tee @ InforMANt
7. Ray Ban Acetate Aviators @ Mr Porter
8. Members Only Iconic Racer Jacket @ InforMANt
Sounds: Put Your Lights On by Santana @ Amazon
Put Your Lights On


Wear It Like: Patrick J Adams - Monday 3/17 Edition

1. Rake Cotton Blazer @ Matches
2. J. Crew Slim Fit Check Cotton Shirt @ Mr Porter
3. Skinny Tie Madness Smutty in Sydney Necktie @ InforMANt
4. Lumina Trenton Jean @ Lumina
5. Sebastian Cruz Multi-Color Contrast Square @ InforMANt
6. Blake Green Versailles Cufflinks @ InforMANt
7. Titanium English Brogues @ InforMANt
Sounds: Tin Pan Alley by Stevie Ray Vaughn @ Amazon
Tin Pan Alley (aka Roughest Place In Town)


Saturday 3/15 Edition: Hang Your Hat - 200 Year Old Italian Factory’s Industrial Style Renovation

200 Year Old Italian Factory’s Industrial Style Renovation

After 200 years, a tobacco factory in Spello, Italy, was little more than a romantic ruin, until Andrea Falkner-Campi and her husband commissioned designer Paola Navone to transform it into an inviting home.


Visitors pass by a sentry wall of lamps from Design House Stockholm on their way to the airy living-dining room with its 52 windows.


For the floors in the kitchen and throughout, Navone placed hexagonal Carocim tiles of her own design.


The upper level of the 5,300-square-foot space is accessed via a slender stair with reclaimed-wood treads.


In the seating area, a trolley found at a flea market functions as the coffee table alongside an expansive Navone–designed sofa for Linteloo. Custom pendants by photographer Mark Eden Schooley hang above the dining table.


A freestanding tub from the Water Monopoly.


In the shower: custom Carocim tile, created in Morocco.


Huge swaths of Indian cotton drape the vintage iron-framed bed and closet in the master bedroom. The double-height cabinets hold the residents’ clothing


In the upper-level seating area, an Ergofocus fireplace is flanked by a pair of leather armchairs designed by Navone for Baxter