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Friday 3/14 Edition: Jewelry Tips for Men

Jewelry Tips for Men

It is possible to wear a boring outfit and catch people’s attention just by the accessories you wear. Specifically, jewelry. But jewelry for men is an entirely different equation than jewelry for women. Woman can rock chunky, costume, plastic and occasionally gaudy jewelry to spice up their wardrobe and it is acceptable if not encouraged.  However, when it comes to men, what should we wear?  And what purpose is there for a man to wear jewelry?

Well, there are the status pieces , think hip hop video – large gold and diamond chains meant to flaunt “wealth”. Then there are the understated pops of bling like a single dog tag worn with a cotton V-neck and Military Field jacket, or singe wrap leather bracelet that compliments your watch. It will depend on your personality and style, but for the sake of this article, men should keep it under the radar and wear one or two pieces that really accent your look.  Less is definitely more when it comes to men’s jewelry and the age old rule of never mixing silver with gold is still an obvious one.

Replacing jewelry for a nice set of cufflinks works well too. Cufflinks peeking out from the blazer cuff can really cement a stylish status.  And try to stay away from religious pieces unless you are practicing.  Above all, keep it simple if you just aren’t sure. A plain silver band or colorful rope bracelet can go a long way to adding personality to any outfit.

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Black diamond dog tags



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