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Throwback Thursday: Wear It Like Cristiano Ronaldo - Thursday 2/6 Edition

1. Burberry London Cashmere V-Neck Sweater @ Matches
2. Esposito Seamed Button Down Shirt @ InforMANt
3. Levis Vintage Clothing 1941 501 Selvedge Denim Jeans @ Mr Porter
4. The Peoples Movement Marcos Drizzle Track Shoe @ InforMANt
5. Karma Mantra Tiger Eye Mala Necklace @ InforMANt
6. Sailormade Voyager Bracelet @ InforMANt
7. Valentine Goods Crocodile Leather iPhone Cover @ InforMANt
8. Eyepster Swag Gold Aviators @ InforMANt
Sounds: Pound Cake by Drake ft Jay-Z @ Amazon

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