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Sunday 2/9 Edition: Luxury Gear Guide

Döttling the Guardian 3

The Dottling Guardian is a watch safe that is so secure, a thief could take a sledgehammer to it without gaining access to the valuables inside.

Döttling the Guardian 2

This multi-walled safe shaped like a cylinder, as it has been described, features an outer shell covered in leather and a top-secret carbide component which boasts extremely high durability, close to that of a diamond. The mobile safe also includes “several layers of highly tear-proof and cut-resistant aramid carbon-fiber fabric”, a material used at the manufacture of bulletproof vests.

Döttling the Guardian 7

The innermost and outermost walls, on the other hand, have been crafted from polycarbonate, a material also used in anti-riot helmet visors and shields. The same aramid carbon-fiber fabric was also used for the door of the safe, which is accessible via a 3-digit code. The lock is, in turn, pretty complex, boasting a mechanism with high-gloss polished steel bars which slides out. There’s also a pretty decent amount of customizations available for the Guardian. For example, the glossy stainless steel handle brackets can be engraved, while the exterior of the safe can be picked by the customer from all sorts of fabrics and finishes.

Döttling the Guardian 1

 Measuring 14.5 inches long, the Guardian comes with a handle, shoulder strap and can even be placed inside suitcases. 

Döttling the Guardian 4

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