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Interior Style - Thursday 4/28 Edition: A Chair Made From Boeing 737s


The Tucker Brothers' brand Fallen Furniture—a design company that uses reclaimed aircraft parts to create functional appliances—has recently unveiled a chair that has us reaching for our wallets. In short, they took a cowling from a Boeing 737—the silver removable covering that houses the airplane's engine—and turned it into a retro (and super comfortable looking) chair. This isn't the only airplane-focused design they have on their roster. They also use airplane cowlings to create conversation-starting bars (which can also be used as reception desks). Because of Fallen Furniture, a world exists where airplane fuselages become clocks or wall art and escape hatches become coffee tables—a touch of whimsy for a design that really doesn't have much life once permanently grounded.
via Wallpaper | Image courtesy of Fallen Furniture

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