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Wear It Like: Leonardo DiCaprio - Thursday 6/21 Edition

1. Nudie Average Joe Jeans, $114 at MatchesFashion.com
2. G-Star Grey Arizona Diamond Shirt, $135 at SSENSE.com
3. N.D.C. Made by Hand Ankle Boots, $330 at TheCorner.com
4.  Mastermind Japan Wallet Chain, $850 at farfetch.com
5. Rosa Maria Pe Atoll Necklace, $514 at farfetch.com
6. Bois 1920 Real Patchoulli 100ML, $180 at Barneys.com
7. Ally Capellino Rocky Wallet, $106 at farfetch.com
8. Plectrum by Ben Sherman Prong Belt, $99.42 at ASOS.com
Soundtrack of the Day: A Bothered Mind by R.L. Burnside, $14.99 at Amazon.com

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