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Friday Bullittin - 6/29 Edition

Bring the backyard barbecue anywhere with the Carson Rotisserie. The mobile rotisserie was born out of its founders love for Brazil’s “churrasco” style of eating, in which a variety of mixed meats, poultry and vegetables are cooked on rotisserie skewers over open flame fires, then served tableside off of the skewers.   It comes in a large aluminum suitcase, which opens into the grill. Four legs fold out to support it, while the top opens to reveal seven motorized slots for skewers. The bottom contains a removable charcoal pan. It requires electricity to turn the rotisserie skewers but comes with a rechargeable battery and a plug for your car or boat. Not to mention it can hold up to 60 pounds of food! $899 at CarsonRotisseries.com

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