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Open House: Stunning Modular Home At The Foot of the Andes - Tuesday 11/10 Edition

Open House: Stunning Modular Home At The Foot of the Andes

Designed by Argentinian architecture firm A4 estudio, this steel-clad vacation home has quite a view, sited as it is at the foot of the majestic Andes mountains outside the city of Mendoza in the nation’s wine-producing region. With a bit of architectural sleight-of-hand, the studio was able to make the house appear as though it floats in its landscape, by designing a residence that consists of an upper volume that cantilevers off its concrete, plinth-like base on two sides. Inside, horizontal, stripe-like wood paneling clads walls and floors in open-plan interiors that each have pretty stellar views. Check it:

via Curbed

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