At 278 feet in length and weighing over 2,900 tons, the Solandge is enormous, but it isn't the size that sets this yacht apart.

The interior of the boat, designed by Aileen Rodriguez, could put the majority of English stately homes to shame with lavish detailing, a nine-person lift, vast rooms, and as many amenities as anyone could wish for.

The Solandge, the creation of renowned shipmaker Lürssen, comes with 29 crew, who cater to any owner willing to pay $1.1 million a week to live aboard the yacht which predominantly sails in sunnier waters, such as the Caribbean. The yacht is available from Burgess.

Here's what she looks like inside.

The Solandge was designed by Espen Øeino, which was has crafted some of the biggest and boldest super-yachts of the past decade. This one is no different, featuring swooping curves and multiple levels that give it a dramatic, Bond-villain-esque look.