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Friday 5/8 Edition - Hang Your Hat: 1930′s Concrete Reservoir Converted Into Gorgeous Modern Home

Sunday Open House: 1930′s Concrete Reservoir Converted Into Gorgeous Modern Home
The conversion, completed for English visual artist Dinos Chapman and his family, embeds spacious living quarters between the original concrete slabs and columned framework. The structure may not hold 500,000 gallons of water like it used to, but it does maintain its aquatic roots via an ultra-zen 82-foot-long courtyard pool—which conveniently also serves as a lovely light well for a corridor of five bedrooms.
Newly listed for $3.7M, the 7,500-square-foot home includes a 49-foot long open plan living and dining area with a custom kitchen on one end. Brinkworth, the London-based design firm behind the project, also added a large glass pavilion atop the structure for additional living space. The rest of the gated 4-acre lot features a large terrace and garden behind the house, as well as a paddock.

Via Curbed

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