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Open House - Friday 2/20 Edition: Industrial Loft Design In The Coutryside

Cool Design: Step Inside One Of The Coolest Designed Homes We Have Seen

“Project 1″ is the result of the first residential project commissioned to Signum Frost.
A 17,000-square-foot private residence built to resemble a loft conversion, styled with an industrial aesthetic. Interior architecture, design, and build out were completed by Signum Frost over the course of three years. Light fixtures, architectural features, millwork, hardware, and furniture was designed and fabricated at our vertically integrated studio. The house features many mixed materials including exotic wood, leather, zinc, metal, concrete, and natural stone.
The space was challenging due to the expansive open volumes creating sound and intimacy concerns. The firm decided early that through the use of light and interior architectural elements, this challenge could be overcome.
The intrinsic character and presentation of age is achieved through the use of reclaimed brick, which is highlighted by patinated steel, bronze, zinc, and gold leaf elements. All of these elements work together to create a pleasant and rewarding experience for the occupant.

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