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Friday 12/5 - Travel Edition: 5 Sleek Carry-Ons

Tech traveler

Part of a new, high-tech line from the venerable American brand Hartmann, this carry-on (15.75″  x 22″ x 9″) clocks in at a mere 4.3 pounds.
But don’t let its light-as-a-feather weight fool you — the bag’s shell is woven from an ultra-strong and scratch-resistant polymer.
It boasts a side handle in luxe leather and multidirectional spinner wheels. “Innovaire Global” bag, $500 at hartmann.com

Double-o suitcase

Channel your inner James Bond with this sleek silver case constructed from tough aluminum, with super-cool drawbolt latches and a telescoping handle.
At nearly 11 pounds, this two-wheel carry-on (14.5” x 21” x 9.5”) is slightly heavier than similar-size luggage, but its stylish design makes up for the added heft.
“Classic Aluminum” case, $750 at zerohalliburton.com

Boarding sass

This sexy, Italian-made number weighs in at just 5.8 pounds, thanks to its space-age polycarbonate shell.
The carry-on spinner (14″ x 21″ x 8″) meets size restrictions for all flights, yet its interior is surprisingly roomy, with multiple zippered compartments.
Bonus points for the elegant leather trim and accent stitching. “Bellagio” trunk, $525 at bricstore.com

Swell on wheels

Don’t be afraid to load up this baby — at 7.5 pounds, it’s one of the lightest  international-size carry-ons out there. The four-wheel case (17.7″ x 22″ x 9.8″) is designed by Rimowa, a German brand popular with wealthy Europeans. Its  “Multiwheel” system allows for 360-degree turning — making your long trek through the airport (almost) enjoyable. “Salsa” case, $525 at rimowa.com

Ticket to glide

With an exterior crafted of the same material used to make NASCAR race cars, this four-wheel spinner (14″ x 22″ x 9″) is both lightweight (9.4 pounds) and extremely durable.
The carry-on (available in four colors) offers two zippered packing compartments and an expandable exterior pocket, plus a hanger  bracket for suits.
“Tegra-Lite” bag, $695 at tumi.com
Via NYPost
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