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Sunday Open House: Spectacular Laurel Way Residence in Beverly Hills

The team of Whipple Russell Architects has designed this luxurious mansion based on the idea that every room or space provides an individually conceived ambiance. The walls inside the house seem to appear like floating panels. It gives you the feeling that you are always connected to the outdoors. This special effect is achieved with adherence to accurate symmetry of beams, support panels, tiles, and sightlines, and also that walls do not meet the ceilings. Three tiers of greenery and two water channels surround the house giving it the look of an island.

The garage of the luxurious mansion.

The long infinity pool.

Patio and pool invite to relax and enjoy life.

Laurel Way residence in Beverly Hills, California - View of the entire estate.

Front of the residence.

The living room is characterized by modern interior design.

The spacious dining room.

Modern and clean kitchen design.

The transition between indoor and outdoor.

Master bedroom.

The master bathroom.
Overlooking view of Los Angeles.

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