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Sunday 8/24 Edition: Backpack'n It - Ain't No Jansports Here...

Back to school, the gym, or around town, here are our favorite backpacks. Click on the image for more details. 

The Avallone Antique Backpack - handmade antique leather and lamb suede. Sophisticated, elegant and gorgeous. 


Want les Essentials Kastrup clean checker/cognac color. The sophisticated pack is the go to day-to-day accessory constructed from an organic cotton canvas with contrasting leather trim and base.

Duluth Wanderer - Guearanteed for life. Need we say more? We will: Need easy access to your binoculars, point-and-shoot camera, wallet, keys, sunscreen or bug dope? Simply unbuckle the handy front pocket. (All this stuff actually fits in the front pocket) Web shoulder straps.  An ideal medium-sized pack for any day trip, whether its hiking, biking, canoeing, or wandering the streets of Europe. 

Artphere Executive Luxe Case - This baby is our favorite. Good for work and play - unique as hell and sure to turn heads. Check it...

LUXE - Open and Contents
LUXE -The backpacks (2)

Executive 360

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