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McQueen Must Have - Giorgio Brutini Haskel

GiorgioBrutini  - NAVY HASKEL

This is one of those things that sells itself. In fact, I debated on just posting the images rather than words to accompany them. However, I like to talk. So here goes: bottom line, this linen stunner from Giorgio Brutini is one of the sharpest pair of shoes I have come across. The lines, simplicity, material, colors and craftsmanship are on point. The fit is superior and the compliments, are even better. 

These shoes work with or without socks, rock them with jeans or shorts, to a picnic or a wedding - I mean, these shoes are perfect for any occasion - seriously. 

And to top it off, the price is right with Giorgio Brutini, whose motto, "outspoken, in style" pretty much nails their entire collection. So with that said, lets fall back on the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check it and get on it

GiorgioBrutini  - NATURAL HASKEL top
GiorgioBrutini  - BROWN HASKEL top
Images: Giorgio Brutini

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