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Enter Here to Win These GBX Leather Boots!

Reviving the best of a bygone era in a modern boot, the Barstock features a heritage leather finish, intricate geometric stitching, and a refined cap toe design.

Enter to win:
1. Like InforMANt Daily on Facebook (facebook.com/idropo) and Follow GBX on Twitter @GBX
2. Email your mailing address and size to idropo@bigappllabs.com.

That’s it.  The winner will be chosen on Valentine’s Day.

About GBX:
GBX makes shoes for the ambitious and (slightly) reckless man. Men that break things, make things and just generally do their own thing. Men that refuse to wait in line, treat Thursday like Saturday, and always do it for the story. It’s not enough to simply arrive, it’s how you get there.  GBX Shoes.

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