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Saturday 12/7 Edition: Sailormade Modern Marine Accessories

When it comes to design, anything nautical tends to go over well for me. It may be the fact that I grew up around boats, or the fact that in general, we are naturally drawn to the water.  Sailormade takes inspiration from this collective connection to the water, and applies it to their collection of American crafted accessories. Sailormade’s designers have created some of the best looking and functional bracelets and belts that we have seen, made from authentic marine materials such as nylon rope and brass.

This nautical heritage is carried across its collection with colorful single and double wrap bracelets, and durable leather and nylon belts.  Pick up your Sailormade bracelet or belt at Roughly Polished and by clicking on the items below.
Catch Single Bracelet
The Standard Belt
Contender Double Bracelet
Saturday Belt
Catch Double Bracelet

Cargo Belt (Available in Black or Dark Brown)
Voyager Bracelet

More Sailormade at RoughlyPolished.com

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