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Wear It Like: Ewan McGregor - Monday 1/23 Edition

1. Costume National Leather Sleeve Trench Coat, $1,995 at Barneys.com
2. Rag & Bone RB15X Brown Resin Jeans, $185 at Rag-Bone.com
3. Dolce & Gabbana Clip-On Leather Suspenders, $545 at Saks.com
4. Lanvin Roll Seam Silk Pocket Square, $75 at MrPorter.com
5. Paul Smith Marble Print Scarf, $175 at MrPorter.com
6. Ted Baker Smart Leather Belt, $80.57 at ASOS.com
7. Lanvin Rose Tie Pin, $170 at MrPorter.com
8. H by Hudson Men's Swathmore Calf Leather Boot, $187.60 at 80sPurple.com
Soundtrack of the Day: Van Halen by Van Halen, $7.99 at Amazon.com

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