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Wear It Like: George Clooney - Monday 11/28 Edition

1. Canali Kei Check Cashmere Blazer, $1,530 at MrPorter.com
2. Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Tape Shirt, $340 at SSENSE.com
3. Rag & Bone Chino, $290 at Barneys.com
4. Gucci Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $335 at MrPorter.com
5. Dolce & Gabbana Stivale Tufo Boots, $975 at Saks.com
6. Oficiana Del Tempo Elegance, $640 at Barneys.com
7. Salvatore Ferragamo "Fisse" Gancini Buckle Belt, $210 at Bloomingdales.com
Soundtrack of the Day: Time to Pretend by MGMT, $5.99 at Amazon.com

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