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Wear It Like: Miles Teller - Tuesday 3/31 Edition

1. Garda Peak Lapel Three Piece Suit @ Reiss
2. Lennox Blue Shirt @ Sir Jack's
3. Dames of Denmark Necktie by STM @ InforMANt
4. Silver Dollar Tie Clip @ InforMANt
5. Mr. Madison Pocket Square @ InforMANt
6. Church's Burwood Brogue @ farfetch
Sounds: Turn Up The Speakers by Afrojack and Martin Garrix @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Miles Teller - Monday 3/30 Edition

1. Berluti Leather Bomber Jacket @ Mr Porter
2. Chadbourn Navy Twill Chinos @ Lumina
3. Adios Necktie by Skinny Tie Madness @ InforMANt
4. Daniel Wellington Cardiff Wristwatch @ InforMANt
5. Reclaimed Vintage White Gold Ring @ ASOS
6. Diesel Black Gold Silver Beautoty Bracelet @ SSENSE
Sounds: Blessings by Big Sean @ Amazon


Friday 3/27 Edition: The Walking Dead: The Daryl Dixon Motorcycle

The Walking Dead: The Daryl Dixon Motorcycle
If you have a television in your house, you probably know AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you’re blessed with a strong constitution, you may even be watching it.
It’s a post-apocalyptic drama series that scores millions of viewers for every episode. And unlike most shows of that ilk, it’s a huge hit with critics too.
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
The series returned for the second half of its fifth season in February, and with it comes a new addition to the cast: a motorcycle ridden by the character of Daryl Dixon, played by actor Norman Reedus.
If you see elements of the Classified Moto style in this Honda Nighthawk, you’re right. Reedus already has a Classified bike in his garage, and when the producers of The Walking Dead needed a motorcycle, he knew just the man to speak to …
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
“Norman’s the best,” says Ryland. “Very enthusiastic, straightforward and down to earth—despite millions of fans watching his every move. During one of our conversations, he said he had something in the works that was going to blow my mind. A week later, he introduced me to Scott M. Gimple.”
Gimple is the ‘showrunner’ and an executive producer and writer for The Walking Dead. And he got the show on the road real fast. “Scott liked the Classified Moto style, and wanted us to build a version of what we already do. We didn’t have to get outside our comfort zone—and given the time constraints, that was a good thing.”
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
“I felt like I was back to my old advertising days when the project got rolling,” says Ryland. “I made some pretty detailed boards to help Scott choose the direction. We had to quickly settle on the platform, the ergonomics and the major design elements.”
To complicate matters, Ryland had to design the bike and then build two identical replicas. He settled on a 1990s CB750 Nighthawk as the platform: “We’ve worked with the Nighthawk a lot lately, and know it really well.”
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
The most difficult part of the project, however, was not the mechanical side: it was the aging and ‘distressing’ of the bikes. “You might think, ‘Rusty tanks and fenders? Ratty paint? No problem.’ But replicating those irregularities is really hard.”
The motors look like they were cobbled together from several sources—thanks to a paint job by Ryland’s wife Betsy. “She made the engines identical down to the last scratch and smudge, applying layers of different paint colors and then sanding and stripping away those layers.” The effect is subtle and realistic, mimicking wear and tear over many years.
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
Meanwhile, Ryland was in charge of oxidation and dents. “We didn’t have time to let the parts rust naturally, and even if we did, it’d be impossible to make them look identical. So I made a rust concoction using steel wool, vinegar, peroxide and rust powder.”
Ryland would dab on the rust mixture, drying it with a heat gun between layers. When both sets of parts looked the same, he had them coated in a clear satin powder…after beating the hell out of them with various blunt objects.
Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
Ryland’s chief mechanic Danik handled most of the fabrication—and the electrical and mechanical work, too. There’s even a false kickstarter that moves like a real one, but doesn’t actually start the bike.
Motor builder Jim Carrol did his part in a fraction of the time he usually gets. David Zemla atProgressive Suspension pulled strings to deliver 970-series piggyback shocks at next to no notice, so they could be scuffed up and aged. Dime City Cycles turned on the taps too, delivering a multitude of other small parts faster than a zombie on speed.
Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
Roy Baird upholstered the seats, and then designed a bag that rides under the subframe. “He took a poster board mockup I made and translated it into a fully functional, durable waxed canvas bag. It fits the look of the bike perfectly, and fills some of the empty space under the seat.”
“We got to work a lot with Tom Luse (executive producer) and John Sanders (prop master). It’s cool because we see their names every week in the opening credits—and they really know their stuff.
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
“Tom kept things moving without any drama—a huge asset on a project like this. John is in charge of every weapon, vehicle, trinket, wine glass or backpack that appears in the show. So he’s a wealth of information about how the props will be used, and what kind of abuse they’ll take.”
Because this is Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle, it needed a crossbow mount. And that’s what the rack above the rear fender is for. It had to look good with or without the crossbow in place, and not interfere with a passenger—potentially one wearing a backpack.
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.
The four padded posts fit into the hollows of the crossbow stock, so Daryl can slam the bow into place and take off in a hurry. It’s a pretty cool setup.
“We’ve done some really out-of-the-ordinary things as Classified Moto, but this project takes the cake,” says Ryland.
“We always love to work with people who appreciate what we bring to the table; getting to do this for one of the most popular shows on TV is really over the top.”
via BikeEFIX | Images by Adam Ewing
Donor: 1992 Honda CB750 Nighthawk
Front end: Yamaha YZF-R6
Front wheel: Yamaha YZF-R6
Front brakes: Yamaha YZF-R6
Rear wheel: Stock Nighthawk
Tires: Kenda Big Block
Shocks: Progressive Suspension 970 piggybacks
Tank: XS650 reproduction
Intake: Twin billet aluminum mesh units CNC milled by Seth Ingham
Exhaust: Modified stock with custom baffles
Seat: Leather, custom upholstered by Roy Baird, Richmond, VA
Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion
Chain: DID X-ring
Rack: Custom crossbow mount
Daryl Dixon's motorcycle from The Walking Dead.


Wear It Like: Harry Connick Jr. - Thursday 3/26 Edition

1. Garth Notch Lapel Suit @ Reiss
2. Ermenegildo Zegna Diagonal Stripe Silk Tie @ Matches
3. Kingsman Drake's Silk Pocket Square @ Mr Porter
4. Garth Tailored Classic Waistcoat @ Reiss
Sounds: Goddess by Chrome Sparks @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Harry Connick Jr. - Wednesday 3/25 Edition

1. Mastercraft Union Skinny Leg Jeans @ Matches
2. Burberry Brit Denim Shirt @ Mr Porter
3. Gents V-Neck Tee @ InforMANt
4. Daniel Wellington St. Andrews Rose Gold Watch @ InforMANt
5. Maison Martin Margiela Alliance White Gold Ring @ Mr Porter
6. Goti Silver Leather Wraparound Bracelet @ SSENSE
7. Alberto Fasciani Elias Ankle Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Crystalized by The Xx @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Harry Connick Jr. - Tuesday 3/24 Edition

1. Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope @ InforMANt
2. Sunspel Loopback Jersey Cotton Shirt @ Mr Porter
3. Straight Ayden Jeans @ Lumina
4. Acne Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring @ Matches
5. Silvano Sassetti Lace-Up Boots @ farfetch
6. Gents Crew Neck Tee @ InforMANt
Sounds: Just A Memory by Dirty Art Club @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Harry Connick Jr. - Monday 3/23 Edition

1. Saint Laurent Leather Trimmed Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. Simon Miller 002 Gulf Resin Slim Fit Jeans @ Matches
3. Anatomical Heart Necklace by Perry Gargano @ InforMANt
4. Simon Carter Band @ ASOS
5. Alberto Fasciani Ankle Boots @ farfetch
6. Balmain Linen Henley @ Mr Porter
Sounds: Time is the Enemy by Quantic @ Amazon


3/22 Edition - Sunday Open House: Brooklyn Home Keeps Historic Bones While Getting a Beautiful Interior Refit

If it’s not the raw brick siding, it’s the house numbers—a sleek neon “175” in sans serif font—that give it away. The miniature, functional art piece is the work of Jill Magid, a conceptual artist. She and her husband, advertising executive Jonny Bauer, finished a head-to-toe remodel of their row house in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn in mid-2013, and those neon house numbers act as a modern beacon on an otherwise unremarkable street.


 The couple bought the home—located at the end of a row of three matching turn-of-the-century workers’ homes—in June of 2011, then hired local firm Noroof Architects for the renovation. The five-month permitting process was the first stumbling block; during inspections with their architects, engineers, contractors, and city officials, they learned that the light remodel they had anticipated was turning into a major gut job. “But we were so determined to keep the shell,” says Bauer.

To start, the circa-1899 house had no real foundation: It was situated on sand. The structure was so unsound that the contractor wanted to take down the street-facing facade, but Magid and Bauer put their collective foot down. Houses on the street all had brick fronts until the 1970s, when local contracting companies started selling vinyl siding—now the dominant facade material in Greenpoint. The original brick front tied the structure to its historical fabric, a main selling point for the couple. In order to shore up the exterior, the architects had to painstakingly add a poured-concrete load-bearing wall into the brick shell. Noroof partner Scott Oliver says, “We took the studs off inside of the brick. Every four feet, we had to pour concrete, let it set, and pour a little more.”


 The city also recommended covering the original ceiling beams on the first floor, which Magid and Bauer wanted to expose. The beams were “the only thing I fell on my sword for,” says Bauer. After some investigating, Noroof found a fireproofing paint for steel that is also made for wood, but only in one color—white. “I had to write to the city to get special permission to use it,” Noroof partner Margarita McGrath says. Both architect and client agree the trouble was worth it: “We were all really worried about it looking like a condo.”

Several updated touches define the first-floor living space. To make sure it didn’t look too new, the homeowners chose reclaimed wood: Elm for the window seat was handpicked by their older son, Linus, from a tree farm outside of Hudson, New York; the ash flooring was reclaimed from a demolished church in Ohio. Noroof designed a canted window, set into the thick, property-line-adjacent party wall, which they call the “Breuer window” for its resemblance to the iconic fenestration of the Whitney Museum. They used a matching blackened steel for the custom staircase, which, though open between the risers and along the sides, hews to the city’s mandated maximum gap of four-and-a-half inches. The decoration is kept spare: Patterned Moroccan concrete tiles delineate the entry area, and seamless built-in storage by the front door jamb keeps detritus in check. (“We’re very messy people, and we need as much stuff to be stowed away as possible,” Bauer says.)

Because of the extensive structural work required in the renovation, material decisions were not taken lightly. Magid and Bauer invested most of their funds in the reclaimed flooring and a few pieces of custom woodwork in the kitchen that surround off-the-rack Ikea cabinetry. They also splurged on an outdoor barbecue by Tec that the family regularly uses to cook, even in the winter. “Being Australian, this is most important to me,” Bauer explains. “We cook 70 percent of our meals here.” Economical choices include James Hardie cement-panel lap siding for the back facade, simple Decorators White paint by Benjamin Moore, and concrete masonry unit walls and a concrete floor slab for the first-floor rear extension.


 Despite well-laid plans once the construction got underway, the layout changed when the family learned that Linus would be getting a younger sibling. The family had Noroof reconfigure the upstairs so that the master bedroom, initially slated for the front of the house, moved to the rear extension, next to a shared bathroom. Baby Banks, now a year old, occupies a petite chamber carved out on top of the stairwell—complete with a window onto the upstairs landing and a built-in changing table—next to his older brother’s room. Linus resides in the “quietest room in the house,” which is outfitted with a bunk bed by Oeuf, nautical wallpaper, custom floor-to-ceiling built-in storage, and a rocket-ship mobile scored on a trip to Mexico City.


 In the year since its completion, the neighbors have taken to the reconstructed home. “Some of the old houses have been demolished, so people have thanked us for saving ours,” says Bauer. “They bring us cheesecake once a week. Our son walks their dog. It’s pretty safe, and it’s a real neighborhood.” Judging from the number of passersby ringing the doorbell to catch a glimpse of the makeover, the new-old house is a welcome addition indeed.



11 DWE0415_D3_Greenpoint_SHIP.indd via Dwell


Friday 3/20 Edition: Say Hello To....The Scarface Mansion - Up For Sale

You might not know this (we didn’t), but Tony Montana’s Scarface mansion has a name. The estate, known as “El Fureidis” and actually located in Montecito, California, recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation so that the 10-acre property could be sold. They preserved the historic details (18ft central dome, byzantine-style alcove and a scene of Alexander the Great conquering Persepolis), while adding brand new technology like radiant floor heating, steam showers and high-end appliances. There are also three separate guest suites on the second floor so you can invite all your friends over to re-enact scenes from the movie. That is, of course, if you can swing the $34 million price tag.





Via CoolHunting


Wear It Like: Adrian Grenier - Thursday 3/19 Edition

1. Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans @ Matches
2. Smart London Harrow Stripe Scarf @ Nordstrom
3. TransElated Peace Fitted Tee @ InforMANt
4. Dolce & Gabbana Double Breasted Lightweight Pea Coat @ Matches
5. Canada Goose Aviator Trapper Hat @ Mr Porter
6. Guidi Leather Lace-Up Boots @ farfetch
Sounds: Stampede by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike @ Amazon
Stampede (Original Mix)


Wear It Like: Adrian Grenier - Wednesday 3/18 Edition

1. Paul Smith Slim Fit Woven Trousers @ Mr Porter
2. Beams Cotton Flight Jacket @ Mr Porter
3. Burberry Brit Slim Fit Henley @ Mr Porter
4. Balenciaga Arena Trainers @ Matches
Sounds: When I'm Small by Phantogram @ Amazon
When I'm Small