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Wear It Like: Justin Theroux - Tuesday 7/1 Edition

1. Baskit Urban Basic Crew Tee @ InforMANt
2. Taper Trenton Jean @ Lumina
3. Avallone executive Belt @ InforMANt
4. Mykita Jim Stainless Steel Sunglasses @ Matches
5. Perry Gargano Stranger Ring @ InforMANt
6. guidi Baby Calf Full Grain Boot @ farfetch
7. Members Only Distressed Bomber Jacket @ InforMANt
Sounds: Nobody's Perfect by J Cole @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Justin Theroux - Monday 6/30 Edition

1. Rick Owens Zip Jacket @ farfetch
2. Burberry Brit Albany Slim Leg Chinos @ Matches
3. Red Wing Ice Cutter Boots @ Mr Porter
4. Ma Julius Black Paneled Scarf @ SSENSE
5. American Apparel Unisex Suspenders @ American Apparel
6. Oye Coma Va V Neck @ inforMANt
7. Jeepers Peepers Randy Aviators @ ASOS


Saturday Wheels: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nighthawk - 6/28 Edition

Check Out The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nighthawk
A truck meant for muddy paths, big rocks, and steep inclines doesn’t necessarily have to look out of place on more civilized pavement — and the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nighthawk is something to behold whether on-road or off. Finished with matte magnesium metallic paint, sporting an interior covered in cocoa Bugatti leather, and riding on 22-inch American Force Burnout wheels, this Jeep from Starwood Motors is every bit the looker. And with a 3.6-liter supercharged V6 motor, a long-arm lift kit, upgraded Terra Flex brakes, and a host of other upgrades, it’s tough enough to handle even the roughest conditions. Just don’t let that gorgeous paint job stop you from putting it through its paces.








Beachwear Deals - Friday 6/27 Edition

Guys be ready for anything with the hybrid shorts/swim trunks at Informant Daily's shop - plus best selling mens board shorts and beachwear - on sale now! And enjoy our ALWAYS free shipping. Click on the images below or shop here














Throwback Thursday - 6/26 Edition: Wear It Like: Michael Pitt

1. Vivienne Westwood Drop Crotch Trouser @ farfetch
2. Alexander McQueen Cotton Jacket @ Mr Porter
3. Karma Mantra Skull Stone Necklace @ Roughly Polished
4. Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Belt @ Barneys
5. Polo Ralph Lauren Henley Top @ Matches
6. Thatcher Glasses @ Warby Parker
7. A Diciannoveventitre Scarred Leather Ankle Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Rapture (Souldside Remix) bu iiO @ Amazon


Wear It Like: LL Cool J - Wednesday 6/25 Edition

1. Kilgour Black Mohair Tuxedo @ Mr Porter
2. Zegna Regular Fit Cotton Shirt @ Matches
3. Junghans Max Bill Chrososcope @ InforMANt
4. DSquared2 Patent Oxford Shoes @ farfetch
5. Gents Fleur Des Lis Cap @ InforMANt
6. Monolith 1/2 CT Diamond Earrings @ The Luxe Factor
Sounds: My Friend of Misery by Metallica @ Amazon


Wear It Like: LL Cool J - Tuesday 6/24 Edition

1. Members Only Leather Iconic Racer @ InforMANt
2. TransElated Oneness Fitted Tee @ InforMANt
3. Karma mantra Black Onyx Necklace @ InforMANt
4. Fyasko Bugger Beanie @ InforMANt
5. ASOS Ring With Grooves @ ASOS
6. Linda Farrow Snake Skin Square Frame Sunglasses @ Matches
7. raf Simons Silver Canvas Sneakers @ SSENSE
Sounds: I Got Mine by The Black Keys @ Amazon


Wear It Like: LL Cool J - Monday 6/23 Edition

1. Heaver Tailored Suit @ Reiss
2. Lanvin Check Shirt @ farfetch
3. Braun Stainless Steel Watch @ InforMANt
4. Monolith 1/2 CT Diamond Earrings @ The Luxe Factor
5. Perry Gargano Stranger Ring @ InforMANt
6. Sebastian Cruz Plaid Contrast Pocket Square @ InforMANt
7. Gents P Luxe Plaid Cap @ InforMANt
Sounds: Cuffin Remix ft 50 Cent


Saturday 6/21 Edition: The Proper Menswear Fit Guide

The Proper Menswear Fit Guide
Here are 10 of the most important elements of fit for menswear. Starting with the most important aspects that should be the perfect fit, to areas with a little room for error. Then check out the great accessories from Informant Daily’s Men’s shop, like pocket squarestiesbowssocks, and more to add some color to that great fitting suit.


Friday 6/20 Edition: 10 Tips to Make Packing Fast and Easy

10 Tips to Make Packing Fast and Easy
Packing for a longer trip takes some thought – you don't want to over pack and have a huge, heavy suitcase. Now do you want to under pack and forget imperative items. Check out these 10 hacks below for perfect packing:
1. Roll clothing up and then use air-compression plastic bags to squeeze air out of clothes.
Space compressible plastic bags are amazing. Just put your clothing in the plastic bag and roll it up tight, pushing excess air out of the clothes. To make sure you’re really getting the most out of your space, roll clothing first, then put the rolled-up items inside the bags. Rolling clothes, rather than folding them, minimizes wrinkling and allows for more clothes to be packed.
Ziploc makes large reusable bags that are perfect for packing: you can use them for anything from clothing to toiletries. Always pack a few extras.
2. Invest in wrinkle-free clothing.
Inevitably, your suitcase will get tossed while traveling and your clothes will get crumpled. Avoid looking like a schlub and buy yourself some wrinkle-free clothing. Jos. A. Bank makes a line of wrinkle-free dress shirts, called the Traveler’s Collection, so you can still look your best while traveling out of a suitcase.
3. Put a rolled-up belt inside your shirt collar to keep it stiff.
What’s the point of having a wrinkle-free dress shirt if it doesn’t hold its shape? Keep your shirt collar stiff by placing a rolled up belt inside the neck opening of your shirt.
4. Use rolled-up socks as shoe trees.
Don’t waste the valuable space inside your shoes. Put rolled-up socks inside your shoes to help them preserve their shape inside your suitcase.
5. Cover the soles of shoes with shower caps.
Placing shower caps over the soles of dirty shoes will prevent the dirt on your shoes from touching the other items in your suitcase, keeping the inside of your bag clean.
6. Place shoes foot-to-toe in the bottom of your suitcase.
Heavy items, like shoes, should be placed near the wheels of the suitcase. This saves space and makes sure that your suitcase is properly balanced.
7. Double-bag toiletries to prevent spills.
If a bottle of lotion or shampoo spills inside your suitcase, it can be a catastrophe. Make sure that doesn’t happen by always packing liquids and gels inside their own plastic bags — and then put that plastic bag inside another plastic bag. Take it one step further and cover the bottle openings with cellophane before putting the caps back on.
8. Put a binder clip over a razor.
A large binder clip will preserve your razor blade and prevent you from getting nicked.
9. Pack empty tote bags for dirty laundry and souvenirs.
Stash an empty, lightweight tote bag inside your suitcase for souvenirs and dirty laundry. And make sure to leave room in your suitcase so that if you do bring home extras, your bag won’t be cramped for space.

10. Tackle suitcase odors with dryer sheets
Place a dryer sheet inside a pocket in your suitcase to ensure that your clean clothes don’t take on the odors of the dirty ones. Added bonus: dryer sheets can also make smelly shoes fresh.


Wear It Like: Claudio Marchisio - Thursday 6/19 Edition

1. Manhattan Crew Neck by Spenglish @ InforMANt
2. Nudie Steady Eddie Washed Denim Jeans @ Mr Porter
3. Ozone Skull & Stiletto Sock @ InforMANt
4. Perry gargano Skull & Bones Ring @ InforMANt
5. Members Only Leather Iconic Racer Jacket @ InforMANt
6. Sailormade Cargo Belt @ InforMANt
Sounds: Carpe Noctum by Tiesto @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Claudio Marchisio - Wednesday 6/18 Edition

1. Baskit Urban Classic Crew Tee @ InforMANt
2. Duluth Wanderer Bag @ InforMANt
3. Selected Wayfarer Sunglasses @ ASOS
4. White Oak Taper Trenton Jeans @ Lumina
5. The People's Movement Sworty Red Low Top @ InforMANt
6. Lanvin V-Neck Sweater @ Matches
7. Braun Prestige Stainless Steel Watch @ InforMANt
Sounds: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Claudio Marchisio - Tuesday 6/17 Edition

1. Duke Classic Fit Navy Suit @ Reiss
2. Ninh Collection Eleganza Bow Tie @ InforMANt
3. TokyoBay Draper Wristwatch @ InforMANt
4. Rag & Bone Dove Gret Suede Kent High-Tops @ SSENSE
5. Monolith 14K Two-Tone Diamond and Gold Ring @ InforMANt
6. Turnbull & Asser Pocket Square @ Mr. Porter
Sounds: Love Me Again by John Newman @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Claudio Marchisio - Monday 6/16 Edition

1. Achilles Navy Check Suit @ Reiss
2. Lanvin Classic Tie @ farfetch
3. TOKYObay Archer Wristwatch @ InforMANt
4. Truzi Capri Striped Shirt @ Matches
5. Sebastian Cruz Red & Blue Chameleon Contrast Pocket Square @ InforMANt
Sounds: Twilight by Adam K & Soha @ Amazon


McQueen Deals: Saturday 6/14 Edition

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Friday 6/13 Edition: Missing: 12 of The World’s Most Coveted Watches – From The First Wristwatch Ever to Picasso’s Jaeger and Lennon’s Patek

There are a handful of documented important wrist and pocket watches out there that the world at large is still looking for. That means that they have not been publicly sold or located. This is a short list of twelve watches that we know to exist, have serious interest in, but have seemingly gone missing. 
Pablo Picasso’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Triple Calendar + Rolex GMT-Master
Seen prominently in famed portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh’s image of Picasso, there is very little known about the Jaeger-LeCoultre triple calendar that can be seen on the 20th-century master’s wrist. But, the photo itself has a serious following and regularly sells for several thousands of dollars.
Caroline Murat’s Breguet No. 2639 (The First Wristwatch, Ever)
The first wristwatch in history is missing. Seriously. Breguet number 2639 hasn’t been seen since a direct descendent of the Queen of Naples sent it for service back in 1855. I saw the original entry in the Breguet archives while visiting the Breguet museum in Paris, and it’s worth a read here and a visit if you are ever in town.
Marlon Brando As Colonel Kurtz’s Rolex GMT-Master
Image via Jake’s Rolex World
Marlon Brando’s performance as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now is down right legendary, but did you know he wear wearing a bezel-less Rolex GMT-Master on a tropic strap? He was. There isn’t much information on how this obviously real-world worn GMT got on the wrist of Brando, nor where it went after filming, but this is one for the ages. You can read more on Brando’s life as a Rolex wearerhere.
The OTHER Graves Astronomic Complication
After Henry Graves, Jr.’s Supercomplication sold for over $11,000,000 back in 1999 nobody knew where it went. Until it was revealed that it belonged to the Qatari Royal Family. But, there is another watch that nobody knows much about, it’s never been publicly sold, and it could be another multi-million-dollar watch. If you look at a photograph of Graves’ Patek collection, you can see that atop the pile is the Supercomp, but right below it appears to be another astronomical complication pocketwatch. Back at the 2012 Graves sale at Sotheby’s, the box for this would-be watch sold – andsold for $30,000. For a box. Yes, something tells us somebody on the other side of that bid might have an idea where this other mega Graves watch might be sleeping. Should it ever surface, we’re looking at a big, big watch.
Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Rolex Daytona 6239
Image via Jake’s Rolex World
Ok, we kinda know where this one is. Paul Newman’s five Daytonas, as far as we know, still reside with his immediate family members, and that includes the absolutely game-changing 6239 he is wearing in the photo above. It is arguably the watch that set the modern vintage Rolex collecting world into the stratosphere in which is currently resides, and there is no telling how much Paul Newman’s personal Paul Newman might be worth. Though, I do suspect we will find out one day.
Buzz Aldrin’s Omega Speedmaster
This could very well be the most important wristwatch of the 20th century, lost. Neil Armstrong wore his Omega Speedmaster to the moon, but not on it. His module’s mission timer failed, so he left it on board. Buzz Aldrin, however, wore his Speedy on the lunar surface and thereby his watch became the stuff of legends. But did you know that upon return, Aldrin’s watch was lost or stolen on its way to the Smithsonian? It was. Armstrong’s Omega made it, but Armstrong’s Omega wasn’t the first watch on the moon. There have been a handful of folks claiming to have possession of Aldrin’s Omega, but none appear to have been credible. It is likely that the person who took the Aldrin Omega had no idea of its significance, but at this point, it’s fair to say this is one of the great horological mysteries of the modern era – where is Buzz Aldrin’s Omega Speedmaster?
Jean-Claude Killy’s Jean-Claude Killy Dato-Compax
Jean-Claude Killy was / is a super cool guy. I mean, just look at him. The ski racing champ went on to a prolific career in sports management and business, and eventually found himself on the board of Rolex itself. Though there is little documentation of him actually wearing a Dato-Compax Rolex, it is known that he owned one. In fact, some years ago, I had the chance to meet Mr. Killy and I asked him where that original Dato-Compax was. He told me that his best friend at the time loved the watch, and he gave it to him for his wedding. If that friend still has Jean-Claude Killy’s Jean-Claude Killy is unknown.
John Lennon’s Patek Philippe 2499
Image via Beatles Photo Blog
This is one not too many people know about, and it’s unclear if he even owned the watch or if he was just wearing it in one photograph, but there very well could be such a thing as the “John Lennon Patek Philippe 2499,” and that is just crazy. The 2499 is one of the most iconic, desirable, and valuable timepieces on the planet, and one belonging to a Beatle? Well, you can imagine how a collector might be interested in that. The rumor is that Yoko bought John the Patek for his 40th birthday, though that is wholly unsubstantiated.
Fidel Castro’s Rolex GMT-Master
Image via Reddit.com
Castro is a life-long Rolex fan. He can be seen wearing one of at least three Rollies in any number of photographs, including this one where he is seen in a 1675. He has also been spotted in an earlier no crown guard, bakelite bezel 6542, and a Datejust. Where are his watches now? We can only assume still with him or his family, though I once met a man in Italy who claimed to own Castro’s 6542.
Miles Davis’ Breitling Navitimer
Image via Magnum Photos
Miles Davis was a Navitimer guy? Yup, sure was, as seen in this photo. Nobody knows where this jazzman’s timepiece is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it sprouted up one day. What makes it interesting is that the watch can bee seen in some of the most famous photos of Davis ever taken, by Magnum photographer Dennis Stock. More on it here.
President Johnson’s Rolex Day-Date
Image via Jake’s Rolex World
While Presidents wore Rolexes before Johnson, it was LBJ’s yellow gold Day-Date that can be credited with inspiring the term “President” for this flagship model. Of course, “President” actually refers to the hidden clasp style of bracelet often found on the Day-Date, but when an accompanying advertisement showed this watch on this bracelet as the “President’s watch,” that was that. More on the LBJ Rolex here.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some of the most interesting watches currently that the world is still searching for, and as Hodinkee discovers more of these stories, they will be sure to update the list.
By Benjamin Clymer for Hodinkee