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11/28 Edition: Happy Thanksgiving

The time between waiting for your Thanksgiving turkey to cook and sitting down to eat can feel like an eternity.  To help pass the time, Netflix created this handy guide that tells you which combination of movies or TV shows to watch based on the weight of your turkey and its cook time.
Netflix TurkeyDayPlaylist Full What to Watch on Netflix Based on Your Thanksgiving Turkey


Wear It Like: Hugh Jackman - Wednesday 11/27 Edition

1. Saint Laurent Slim Fit Velvet Collar Wool Coat @ Mr Porter
2. Classic Bow Tie by Ninh Collection @ Roughly Polished
3. Zegna Regular Fit Cotton Shirt @ Matches
4. Blake Green Steele Cufflinks @ Roughly Polished
5. DSquared2 Multi Textured Shoe @ farfetch
Sounds: Take Me With You by Serge Devant @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Hugh Jackman - Tuesday 11/26 Edition

1. Richard James Regular Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans @ Mr Porter
2. Oliver Peoples Bernardo Polarized Sunglasses @ East Dane
3. Kenzo Quilted Leather Jacket @ Matches
4. Perry Gargano mantacle Bracelet @ Roughly Polished
5. Exemplaire Slim-Fit Buttoned Sweater @ Mr Porter
6. Vince Ribbed Henley @ Couture Zappos
7. Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope @ Roughly Polished
8. Saint Laurent Motorcycle Chelsea Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Crapa Pelada by Quartetto Cetra @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Hugh Jackman - Monday 11/25 Edition

1. Gents Crew Neck T-Shirt @ Roughly Polished
2. Loro Piana Roadster Leather Coat @ Mr Porter
3. Philip Plein Distressed Skinny Jean @ farfetch
4. Gallant & Beau Carnaby Socks @ Roughly Polished
5. Tom Ford Silver William Aviators @ SSENSE
6. Converse by John Varvatos Convertible Sneakers @ SSENSE
7. Artphere Beylerian Executive Luxe Case @ Roughly Polished
8. Avallone First Class Traveler Bag @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: You Wish by Nightmares on Wax @ Amazon


Saturday 11/23 Edition: Cafe Racer Dreams BMW R90/6

Some custom motorcycles are so outlandish that they grab your attention immediately, while some are so understated and classy that, once you notice them, you can’t look away.
Case in point:  this stunning ’74 BMW R90/6 belongs to José Martín Espinosa, a prominent figure in the Spanish fashion industry. He commissioned the build after a series of email conversations with CRD and a couple of visits to their Madrid headquarters, fully entrusting the creative direction to them.
BMW R90/6 cafe racer
The Beemer’s stance has been altered by shortening the forks and swapping out the rear suspension for shorter-than-stock Hagon units. A shorter, hand crafted subframe supports the custom made seat. The battery has been relocated to underneath the swingarm, leaving the area behind the airbox free of clutter save for the ignition, which has been moved to under the seat.
BMW R90/6 cafe racer
Both fenders are stock BMW items—the original front fender has been adapted to fit the rear, and a R100 fender fitted to the front. Along with the tank, they’ve been sprayed a luxurious black with subtle white pinstriping—true to the original paint scheme. Bespoke fender braces add to the bike’s overall classic appeal, as do the crash bars and Firestone Deluxe Champion tyres.
BMW R90/6 cafe racer
CRD turned to their own catalogue for finishing kit—the turn signals, tail light, Renthal Ultra-Low bars and mufflers can all be bought from their online store. The headlight is also a CRD unit, but it’s been modified to house a Motogadget speedometer and various controls. On the handlebar, Motogadget’s stealthy m-Switch units replace the standard BMW switches.
BMW R90/6 cafe racer
I once asked CRD’s Pedro García what his personal design philosophy was. His reply was: “Less is more, and pay full attention to the final finish.” In my opinion, CRD #38 is the epitome of this philosophy. An elegant vintage custom, with a host of finer details that only become apparent as you dig deeper.
Images courtesy of Rafa Gallar.
BMW R90/6 cafe racer


Wear It Like: Ben Foster - Friday 11/22 Edition

1. A.P.C. New Standard Denim @ East Dane
2. Woolyoungmi Slim Fit Wool Blend Peacoat @ Mr Porter
3. Gents V-Neck T-Shirt @ Roughly Polished
4. Tom Ford Lenon Stripe Acetate Sunglasses @ Matches
5. Executive Gloss case by Beylerian @ Roughly Polished
6. Moncler Rustic Knit Scarf @ Barneys
7. $50 Gift Card for $45 at Roughly Polished
8. Alberto Fasciani Lace-Up Ankle Boot @ farfetch
Sounds: Spaceman by Hardwell @ Amazon


Thursday 11/21: Throwback Thursday - Most Popular: Cristiano Ronaldo 12/13/11

1. Caramel Velvet Skinny Blazer, $140 at TopMan.com
2. Ever Men’s Maywood Jean, $89.99 at 80sPurple.com
3. John Smedley Belvoir Rollneck Sweater, $260 at MrPorter.com
4. Gucci GG Plaque Belt, $260 at Saks.com
5. Ted Baker Canvas Messenger Bag, $95.45 at ASOS.com
6. Drakes London Tubular Polka Dot Scarf, $295 at Barneys.com
7.  Lanvin High Trainers, $486 at SSENSE.com
8. Uniform Wares 300 Series Chronograph Watch, $770 at MrPorter.com
Soundtrack of the Day: Birth of the Cool by Miles Davis, $6.99 at Amazon.com


Wear It Like: Ben Foster - Wednesday 11/20 Edition

Simon Miller Rainer Washed Selvedge Jeans @ Mr Porter
Balmain Epaulette Linen Shirt @ Matches
Justin Case Blue Briefs @ Roughly Polished
Gallant & Beau Kings Rd Socks @ Roughly Polished
The People’s Movement Navy Canvas Sneaker @ Roughly Polished
Gents Crew Neck T-Shirt @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: Shimmy Shimmy Ya by Prince fatty @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Ben Foster - Tuesday 11/19 Edition

1. Number:Lab M-65 Jacket @ Roughly Polished
2. Balmain Track Pants @ Matches
3. L’eclaireur Laceless Oxford Shoe @ farfetch
4. Turnbull & Asser Brushed Cashmere Scarf @ Mr Porter
5. Skinny Tie Madness Sucker Punch Necktie @ Roughly Polished
6. Esposito Seamed Button Down @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Ben Foster - Monday 11/18 Edition

1. Massimo Piombo Houndstooth Soft Alpaca Blend Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. Jean Machine JM1 Jeans @ Matches
3. Silvano Sassetti Leather Lace-Up Boot @ farfetch
4. Gents V-Neck T-Shirt @ Roughly Polished
5. Perry Gargano Lion Knocker Ring @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: Into the Dawn by JES @ Amazon

Sunday 11/17 Edition:



Saturday 11/16 Edition: Watch: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Insane Split for Volvo Trucks

Quite often you see disclaimers saying, “Don’t try this at home”.  That is an understatement when talking about this Volvo Trucks Ad with Van Damme.

Check out the ad to see the craziest stunt we have seen with Van Damme executing an epic split between two trucks.  Besides the movie where he plays twins, I have never really been a fan of his work.  It is safe to say I have a whole new respect for Van Damme after watching the 53 year old in this Volvo ad.


Wear It Like: Jonny Lee Miller - Friday 11/15 Edition

1. Raf Simons Slim Fit Cotton Twill Blazer @ Mr Porter
2. Maison Martin Margiela Lace-Up Boot @ farfetch
3. DSquared2 Denim Jean @ farfetch
4. Duluth Wanderer Guaranteed For Life Pack @ Roughly Polished
5. Karma Mantra Red Goldstone Bracelet @ Roughly Polished
6. Black Fleece Chambray Cotton Shirt @ Matches
Sounds: The National Anthem by Yoshida Brothers @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Jonny Lee Miller - Thursday 11/14 Edition

1. J Crew Quilted Wool Peacoat @ Mr Porter
2. J Brand Tyler Straight Leg Jeans @ Matches
3. Kem Ajachel Hand Woven Scarf @ Roughly Polished
4. Gallant & Beau Hyde Socks @ Roughly Polished
5. Dolce & Gabbana Lace-Up Ankle Boot @ farfetch
6. Karma Mantra Skull Bracelet @ Roughly Polished
7. Fyasko Reacon Heather Hoodie @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Jonny Lee Miller - Wednesday 11/13 Edition

1. Esposito Metallic Button Down @ Roughly Polished
2. Acne Max Raw Straight Leg Jeans @ Matches
3. Vogas Barcelona Burnt Orange Sendas @ Roughly Polished
4. Avallone Slim Card Carrier @ Roughly Polished
5. Rumba Time Mulberry Fresh Squeeze @ Roughly Polished
6. Monolith Mens 14K White Gold 1CT Diamond Band @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: 2 Wicky by Hooverphonic @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Jonny Lee Miller - Tuesday 11/12/13 Edition

1. Calvin Klein Classic Blazer @ farfetch
2. Perry Gargano Anatomical Heart Necklace @ Roughly Polished
3. Richard James Regular Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans @ Mr Porter
4. Hey Dude Vinci Charcoal Brogue Oxfords @ Roughly Polished
5. Gallant & Beau Carnaby Socks @ Roughly Polished
6. Gents Grey Crew Neck T-Shirt @ Roughly Polished
7. Karma Mantra Turquoise & Skull Wrap Bracelet @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: Who’s Gonna Save My Soul by Gnarls Barkley @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Jonny Lee Miller - Monday 11/11 Edition

1. Alexander McQueen Grey Slim Fit Wool Jacket @ Mr Porter
2. Ann Demeulemeester Solid Tie @ Barneys
3. Alexander McQueen Grey Slim Fit Wool Trousers @ Mr Porter
4. David Heston Groove Ring @ Roughly Polished
5. Blake Green Oslo Cufflinks @ Roughly Polished
6. Church’s Beijing Chelsea Boot @ Matches
7. Robert Geller Casual Shirt @ farfetch
Sounds: Know You Don’t by Jel @ Amazon

Sunday 11/10 Edition:

Keith, 1966. 
Photo by Gered Mankowitz


Saturday 11/9 Edition: Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin has been disappearing for years now. Using his own body as a canvas, painting himself into the background, Bolin creates scenes that are statements about our relationship to our surroundings, and reflections on Chinese artists and their status in modern China. Beginning as performance art in 2005, his work includes series titled “Hiding in the City” and “The Invisible Man.” Collected below are several of his performances from the past few years.
Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b04 11432915 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b05 11511947 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b06 10016763 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b07 10016607 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b08 10016342 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b10 RTX13JQT Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b11 RTX13JPS Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b12 RTX13JQS Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b14 68847630 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b17 RTR2TZQ5 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b18 RTR2TV0F Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man
s b19 RTR2TZQ4 Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man


Wear It Like: Ethan Peck - Friday 11/8 Edition

1. Heaver Tailored Suit @ Reiss
2. Lanvin Woven Cotton Shirt @ Mr Porter
3. Ninh Collection Galaxy Bow Tie @ Roughly Polished
4. Braun Prestige BN00095 Stainless Steel Wristwatch @ Roughly Polished
5. Hydrogen Iron Wingtip Shoes in Blue @ Roughly Polished
6. TOCCs Keychain Power Bank For Rapid Charge @ Roughly Polished
Sounds: La Miranda by Band (O) Neon @ Amazon