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Wear It Like: Chadwick Boseman - Thursday 6/16 Edition

1. Harry's Airforce Blue Modern Fit Blazer @ Reiss 
    2. Harry's Airforce Blue Modern Fit Trousers @ Reiss 
3. Lennox White Cuff Shirt @ Sir Jack's
4. Salvatore Ferragamo Lace-Up Shoes @ farfetch
5. Kingsman Silk Blend Pocket Square @ Mr Porter
6. Canali Polka Dot Silk Tie @ Mr Porter
Sounds: Only (Kaskade x Lipless Remix) @ Amazon


Wear It Like: Chadwick Boseman - Monday 6/13 Edition

1. Boglioli Cotton Trousers @ Mr Porter
2. Zanone V-Neck Cardigan @ farfetch
3. Mathieu Jerome Grandad Striped Shirt @ Matches
4. Dunhill Ivory Linen Blazer @ Mr Porter
5. Borsalino Panama Hat @ Mr Porter
6. J.M. Weston 180 Moccasin Leather Loafers @ Mr Porter
Sounds: Panda by Desiigner @ Amazon


Wheels - Tuesday 6/7 Edition: 1967 Mustang Supercharged Fastback Obsidian

Handcrafted by Matt Couper of Autoworks International, “Obsidian” blurs the line between vintage and modern. 

At first glance, it appears to be a modified late model Mustang, but in reality it is a one-off custom 1967 Mustang. 

Aptly named after a glassy volcanic rock, Obsidian features not one but two Rotrex superchargers that sucks cold air through custom intercoolers and an induction/extraction hood. 

Balancing the 800+ horsepower are Tremec 5-speed, coilover suspension and 4 point roll-cage. Even the engine and transmission were relocated to achieve a 50/50 weight distribution. 

Brembo cooled and slotted disc brakes brings everything to a halt in a hurry. Hitting the Barret Jackson Northeast auction later in June. Check it...